21-Day Challenge – Day 16 – Beautiful Thursday

Today, we’re nurturing our harmonizer parts by giving them special care and attention.

My harmonizer parts get easily charged by beauty.  A beautiful environment charges the sensory needs of my batteries in a powerful way.  Spending time in nature, a beautiful view, even looking at a beautiful picture.  The same happens in meeting rooms.  A meeting room with beautiful colors, a beautiful view or inspiring paintings on the wall, feeds my energy. If meeting rooms are cold and functional, they can drain my energy. The worst are meeting rooms without windows.

FotoTaking influence on our environment if we can, or carefully choosing it is an easy way to take care of this battery too!

You don’t need to “do” anything and you can charge your battery simply by taking in the beauty!



How sensitive are you to the impact of your environment?

  • Does your environment at home charge your batteries?
  • What about your work environment?
  • Where can you take influence and use the environment to charge your harmonizer battery?

Make it a beautiful day!


– Our next open PCM Seminar is scheduled for October 29-31, 2014.

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Nicole Heimann is an experienced and passionate Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Certified Neuro-Transformation Coach (CNTC), Certified Process Communication Model Coach,  specialized in Conscious Leadership and Impactful Communication. Contact me at nicole.heimann@5cconcept.com

– Here’s the link to the introduction post of the 21-day challenge.

– Please note that the concept of psychological needs related to the PCM personality types is based on solid research and scientifically validated work done by Dr. Taibi Kahler. All content related to this are the proprietary rights of Taibi Kahler Associates, Inc. Nicole is a licensed and certified independent distributor of the Process Communication Model and all materials related thereto.



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