21-Day Challenge – Day 15 – Say YES! Wednesday

In the spotlights today: our battery for excitement and challenge!

Last week, we challenged ourselves during the day to bottom-line and get more done in a day’s time. This week, let’s take a “Say Yes” approach today and see what emerges from here. Whatever comes your way, “Say Yes”  – and take it from there!


Explore how exciting things can get! 

Be curious!

Go for it!

Say YES!

Take a risk.

Feel alive!


The intensity of your hunger for challenge depends on where you have your promoter energy in your architecture, how much energy you have available and depending if it is your base, your phase, your stage or simply one of your floors. If you do not have your PCM profile yet, you can register at one of our upcoming seminars or get in touch with me for a personal coaching.

Say YES to your success!


– Our next open PCM Seminar is scheduled for October 29-31, 2014.

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Nicole Heimann is an experienced and passionate Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Certified Neuro-Transformation Coach (CNTC), Certified Process Communication Model Coach,  specialized in Conscious Leadership and Impactful Communication. Contact me at nicole.heimann@5cconcept.com

– Here’s the link to the introduction post of the 21-day challenge.

– Please note that the concept of psychological needs related to the PCM personality types is based on solid research and scientifically validated work done by Dr. Taibi Kahler. All content related to this are the proprietary rights of Taibi Kahler Associates, Inc. Nicole is a licensed and certified independent distributor of the Process Communication Model and all materials related thereto.

– All pictures used in our blogs are purchased from 123rd.com


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