21-Day Challenge – Day 7 – Structured Monday: Strategize and optimize your efficiency!

After a week of intentional battery-charging, I feel the effects and I hope you do too!

  • Did you observe which motivational batteries had a bigger impact on you compared to others?
  • Did you notice that the hunger, the need in some batteries was smaller and bigger in others?

28483053_mWelcome to our second week!  Today, I’m inviting you to strategize your motivational batteries in order to optimize your self-management.  Let’s look at 2 aspects: intention and order.

First, let’s talk about Intention:  Give your weekdays intention by using an aspect that characterizes the psychological need of one of the personality types. Here’s how I defined it for myself:

  • Structured Monday  (Thinker –> Recognition of work & time structure)
  • Visionary Tuesday (Persister –> Recognition of convictions & achievements)
  • Exciting Wednesday (Promoter –> Need for excitement and incidence)
  • Sensory Thursday (Harmonizer –> Recognition of person & sensory stimulation)
  • Playful Friday (Rebel –> Need for Playful contact)
  • Spacious Weekend (Imaginer –> Need for time alone & direction)

You can use this or create your own. Important is that it resonates for you and that it works for you! By giving a one-word intention to the day, symbolizing one psychological need, you bring awareness for your self-management into your day. Start with planning what you will do to charge that specific battery. During the day, stay open for opportunities to further charge in the spirit of your theme of the day. In this way, your self-management becomes light & easy but most of all extremely effective and powerful!

Second, let’s talk about order. If you have your PCM Personality Profile, I recommend that you charge your batteries in the following order:

  1. Your Phase
  2. Your Base
  3. All other types in order of your profile.

or you simply start in your base – gather all your energy there – and work your way to the top of your architecture. That’s how I did it. The order above reflects my PCM architecture.

If you do not have your PCM Personality Profile,  you can follow your intuition based on your experience which battery charging had the most impact and which ones had less of a boost.  And of course, you are always welcome to get in touch with me if you’re interested in doing your PCM Profile in combination with a coaching session.

Take a moment and give your weekdays the intention that reflects your own personality architecture and put them in the order that works for you. In this way, your self-management will be most effective and impactful. Your personal energy will go up and so will your productivity, your efficiency and your feeling of well-being!

I’m set for “structured Monday” today, what about you?


Nicole Heimann is an experienced and passionate Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Certified Neuro-Transformation Coach (CNTC), Certified Process Communication Model Coach, specialized in Conscious Leadership and Impactful Communication. Contact me at nicole.heimann@5cconcept.com

– Here’s the link to the introduction post of the 21-day challenge.

– Please note that the concept of psychological needs related to the PCM personality types is based on solid research and scientifically validated work done by Dr. Taibi Kahler. All content related to this are the proprietary rights of Taibi Kahler Associates, Inc. Nicole is a licensed and certified independent distributor of the Process Communication Model and all materials related thereto.








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