21-Day Challenge – Day 3 – Challenge, excitement and incidence

Wednesday. Promoter Day.

The promoter part inside of us is hungry for a lot of excitement in a short period of time.  Challenge, excitement, incidence are psychological needs and that’s what the promoter part inside of us thrives on. This part of us wants to feel alive and gets a kick out of the challenge of making the impossible possible!

9552325_mConnect with the promoter-part inside of you, the charming, adaptable, persuasive “James Bond”-side of you, and listen to what it’s hungry for:

  • What’s the challenge that would give you thrills?
  • What kind of positive excitement would impact your aliveness and charge you up?
  • What is the one action that is going to make all the difference?

Look for things that give you short-term rewards. Go for it, just do it and challenge yourself!

This is the part of you that wants to go out of its comfort zone, the part of you that thrives on excitement and gets a kick out of going for what might seem impossible. It makes you feel more alive!

Set yourself up in a way that works for you.

Here’s one of my ways. For me, it’s easier to be challenged and to experience this in companionship. I challenged myself to get sports back into my life and hired a personal trainer with very strong promoter energies. She naturally challenges me and makes me stretch. It never gets boring with her and I enjoy being challenged in ways I would never do it on myself. It directly impacts my aliveness and my energy. This part of me gets nurtured weekly.

With this 21-day challenge, we put awareness and intention in managing our personal energy by satisfying our psychological nees of all 6 types in our personality architecture. By doing this, we reinforce the effect and you will soon experience your personal energy and efficiency going up!

Please share how you will charge your battery and observe the effects of putting intention and awareness in your personal energy!

To your healthy and positive excitement!


Nicole Heimann is an experienced and passionate Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Certified Neuro-Transformation Coach (CNTC), Certified Process Communication Model Coach,  specialized in Conscious Leadership and Impactful Communication. Contact me at nicole.heimann@5cconcept.com

– Here’s the link to the introduction post of the 21-day challenge.

– Please note that the concept of psychological needs related to the PCM personality types is based on solid research and scientifically validated work done by Dr. Taibi Kahler. All content related to this are the proprietary rights of Taibi Kahler Associates, Inc.

Nicole Heimann is a licensed and certified independent distributor of the Process Communication Model and all materials related thereto.

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