21-Day Challenge – Day 2 – Recognition for opinions and convictions

Tuesday. Time to have a closer look at how to charge our battery that longs for recognition for our opinions and conviction. Recognition for opinions and convictions are the psychological needs of the persister part in our personality architecture. The persister part in ourselves is conscientious, dedicated and engaged. This part of us wants to be listened to, to be recognized for what we are passionate about, for what we believe in. This is also the visionary part in us, connected to our passion fueling us to stand up for something bigger than ourselves. 


Being recognized for our opinions and convictions is also a need we often expect from others and we have to learn to give it to ourselves. The danger of expecting it from others is that other people will not necessarily charge our battery and then it runs empty. (An empty battery steers us into sabotaging/distress behaviors.) It is our battery and we better take good care!

Getting our persister needs met is about learning to take influence, rather than to push our beliefs. It’s about learning to hold the paradox between having a strong belief and being open for influence. Being open allows space to create from the input from others. In this way, we engage people along the way. If we focus on our belief and push it too hard – we risk getting the opposite of pushing people away! 

We can charge the battery of our persister part by taking a moment to scan ourselves for our beliefs and convictions.

Here are 5 SCAN questions: 

  1. What is something you believe in and you are pursuing it successfully? 
  2. Have you let go off something you believe in?  
  3. Have you been holding yourself back in bringing up something you believe is important?
  4. Have you have been pushing too hard for something you believe in – and got the opposite effect?
  5. What is something you believe in and you haven’t been giving it priority?

If you recognize yourself in number 1, then honor yourself for your leadership in pursuing your belief! Think about how you can celebrate milestones in your project with other people who are contributing to the success of your project.  Remind your whole team of the higher mission, the value of how what you are doing will contribute to something bigger!

If you recognize yourself in the questions 1 to 4, explore how you can take a new start or revamp what you believe is important. Take a mental helicopter view and take a look into the opinions from others. Explore how you can create from them and build upon them to strengthen your conviction. Hold both your passion and your belief in balance with being open and curious to the opinions of others. 

In this 21-day challenge, we put awareness and intention in our battery charge. By doing this, we reinforce the effect and you will soon experience your personal energy and efficiency going up!  It really is just taking a moment during the day, choosing a battery to focus on today and deciding how to charge it.

So, here’s what I will do today to charge my persister battery.

  • The last months, I have been working on a couple of new projects. One of them is a program uniquely designed for Women in Leadership positions called “Authentic Female Leaders”. A subject, I truly believe in an am really passionate about. We got delayed along the way because of unexpected events happening in my life which I had to deal with.  I’m going to make this program a priority again and engage with my partner to drive this forward.  Action: Call Tanja this afternoon to deepen our discussion and decide on the next steps forward. 

What will you do to satisfy your psychological needs of your persister part?

Please share how you will charge your battery and observe the effects of putting intention and awareness in your personal energy!

Enjoy the process.


Nicole Heimann is an experienced and passionate Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Certified Neuro-Transformation Coach (CNTC), Certified Process Communication Model Coach,  specialized in Conscious Leadership and Impactful Communication. Contact me at nicole.heimann@5cconcept.com

– Here’s the link to the introduction post of the 21-day challenge.

– Please note that the concept of psychological needs related to the PCM personality types is based on solid research and scientifically validated work done by Dr. Taibi Kahler. All content related to this are the proprietary rights of Taibi Kahler Associates, Inc. Nicole Heimann is a licensed and certified independent distributor of the Process Communication Model and all materials related thereto.

A psychological need is a basic hunger that needs satisfaction. They must be met for effective and productive functioning. If we do not get our psychological needs met in a positive way, unconsciously, we will start behaving in a way that we get them in a negative way and we will be experiencing sabotaging behaviors.  Positive communication starts with good self-management. One way is to take ownership of our needs.

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