Get in “Wastebuster” and Communicate Lean!

16393783_lIn times, where organizations all focus on being “LEAN”, it amazes me over and over again how much time, money and energy is still present as “WASTE” because the invisible, intangible processes of communication are overlooked.

What typically is monitored are visible, tangible areas of WASTE: purchasing prices, service agreements, lean business processes, IT landscape, efficiency of production sites, sales processes, etc.

However, the most toxic WASTE is INTANGIBLE, INVISIBLE. It lives as distrust, bad moral, power games, conflicts, miscommunication, dishonesty, hidden agendas, misunderstandings… They are a result of toxic processes of communication.

  • How much TIME is WASTE because of conflicts, miscommunication and stress?
  • How much ENERGY do people LOSE because of not being understood, because of information that is withheld and not flowing, etc.?
  • How much POTENTIAL gets LOST because people are suppressing parts of themselves or do not use all of their potential or because they are emprisoned in individual and collective organizational false beliefs.
  • How much percentage of your meetings are results-oriented, efficient and productive?

The reason this happens is because all people are different. We all know and understand that people are different, but what we didn’t learn is how to communicate with these different personalities positively and effectively.  Because just understanding the differerences is not enough.                                                          

At 5C! Concept, we love our “organizational wastebuster”, called PCM or the Process Communication Model®

  • Wherever we work with PCM, a new quality of communicating starts to happen and conflicts and miscommunication are significantly reduced.
  • More positive energy is released, because we don’t want people to change.  We want people to be themselves, discover more of who they really are, realize their full potential and be authentic with others.
  • With PCM, our aim is a transformation for the long-term which means releasing the untapped energies within each individual.

Based on our experience of working almost 10 years with PCM in global organizations, we know that this is what people all over the world truly want and have in common:  

  • Everybody wants positive, productive and stress free communication with their colleagues.
  • Nobody really wants or takes pleasure in all the tension, the misunderstandings, the conflicts.

We all know that people are different, but nobody really learned us HOW to communicate with different personality types. With PCM, we show people the HOW and bring in much more awareness and consciousness on the impact of communication on others.  We help people to grow themselves and expand in their capacity to deal with the diversity of personalities around them.  

As communication becomes more conscious and more intentional, less waste is being generated, which makes place for more efficiency and productivity.

If you are interested in making your communication processes lean, then drop us a line or give Nicole Heimann a call at +41 43 888 55 01. If you wish to experience PCM and what it can do for your company, register for one of our next upcoming open seminars (in German language):

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