Earth Dragons connect for healing for Japan

We are rocked by the scenes of devastation we have seen in Japan in the last few days. It’s a reminder of the power of nature and the cycle of life.

I (Nicole) am an Earth Dragon, member of one of the CTI Leadership tribes. We, Earth Dragons are a tribe of 22 people from 13 countries all over the world.

When we trained together on the CTI Leadership program, we connected together via a morning ritual that was based on Shintaido and connected us to North, East, South, West, the earth, the sky and the centre.

We have revised the wording to send wishes of healing to Japan and especially to our tribe member Nao Konishi who lives in Tokyo with her family.

We share it here so you may join us in sending wishes of healing. We will be doing this every morning, wherever we are in the world.

(Stand and face the North and read the following out loud.)

Shintaido to the North
The North. The season is winter. The time of life is at its end. The North represents death, destruction, ending. The earthquakes and tsunami were strong, painful expressions from the Earth for the North. We reflect on all those who have lost their lives. May their souls find peace into the light, may we rest and recover from the shock of the powers of nature.
We have compassion for all those who have lost loved ones and for all the Japanese people mourning over the destruction to their country.
We wish that they find peace and acceptance in their hearts to accept the North.

Shintaido to the North.

(Turn to face the East)

Shintaido to the East
The East. The season is spring. The time of life is youth, a new beginning, new possibilities.
The sun is rising; the air is fresh. It’s time to plant seeds and make investments and nurture the beginning of something new.
We wish for the people in Japan to recover from the North and experience healing, trust and believe in the East. We wish for a positive outcome of the damaged nuclear reactors.
We wish for them to find their energy of the East, to rebuild anew with strength, courage and renewed energy. We wish for all people in Japan and the rest of the world to be safe.

Shintaido to the East

(Turn to face the South)

Shintaido to the South
The South. The season is summer. The time of life is adulthood. The time of the day is midday. The sun is hot. What has been planted is growing. Seeds have sprouted and are showing their beautiful flowers and fruits. We see results of the investments we made. We find a hard working and joyful spirit. We wish for the people of Japan to believe that this time will come and allow the joy in their hearts when looking at the fruits of their creations.

Shintaido to the South

(Turn to face the West)

Shintaido to the West
The West. The season is autumn. The time of life is old age. The time of the day is early evening. The sun is setting. The colours are changing, transformation has happened. It’s time to harvest. There’s a feeling of deep satisfaction. We look back and experience, everything is good now.
We wish for the people of Japan to surrender and trust that even if we can’t see it yet…this time will come.

Shintaido to the West

(Turn to face the North)

Shintaido to the North
We wish for the next North to be peaceful hibernation for the Japanese people.
May it be a peaceful time of sleep and rest to recharge batteries and end this cycle and gently move on into the East again and go with the flow into the eternal cycles of life.

Shintaido to the North

(Turn and look at the ground)

Shintaido to Mother Earth
Mother Earth. We walk on her every day, she holds us, she holds all kinds of life on her surface unconditionally. She’s our womb, she gives us life.
We bow to Mother Earth, to the earth, the rivers, the streams, the rocks, the volcanoes, the lava… to life. We connect to Mother Earth, to groundedness, to earthiness, to love for Mother Earth. We connect with consciousness with Mother Earth.

Shintaido to Mother Earth

(Turn and look up to the sky)

Shintaido to Father Sky
Father Sky, protect the Japanese people, shine your infinite stars on them, inspire them with your beautiful open blue sky. Show them infinite possibility and unlimited potentials and lovingly hold the Japanese people in spaciousness.

Shintaido to Father Sky

(Turn to face the centre)

Shintaido to the Center
In the centre is community, love, warmth, centeredness and balance. In the centre, we are all connected and we feel with all Japanese people. We connect to the centre to support the Japanese people and share loving energy coming from all over the world.

Shintaido to the Center

With love, light & compassion from
The Earth Dragons
CTI Leadership Tribe

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