How to keep Social Systems alive!

While studying about Systems and Systems Intelligence the other day, I came across the following:

For a system to keep alive it must continually reproduce a sort of basic element, such as cells for a ‘living system’ like a human. Without this reproduction of cells a human will die.

Niklas Luhman applied this concept also to social systems like organizations, teams, and relationships. He has developed an interesting concept about how these social systems stay alive. He came to the conclusion that COMMUNICATION is that basic element they continually need to reproduce to keep them alive.

So if communication is that critical, one could argue that it is worth the effort to invest in quality communication. Here is where I see a clear link to PCM.

PCM is a communication model aimed at quality communication. In this sense it not only serves the purpose to keep a social system alive, but to also make it a better system.

Now, what do you think of that???

Greetings from the Black Forrest, Rainer

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