Passion & Fulfillment

I’ve been INSPIRED! I have been inspired by a special woman who is pure passion about the social media landscape.  Her passion is contagious.  Her name is Lynn Serafinn. The result is: here I am, making my first steps into blogging and stepping into a zone, that is not yet my comfort zone…

I wish to dedicate this first blog to the “model” that changed my life. A model that ignited pure passion in me.   My own personal and professional journey of transformation started with the Kahler Process Communication Model.

In September 2003, I have been certified by Dr. Taibi Kahler in the Process Communication Model (PCM).  Since then, I have been training hundreds of people with PCM without interruption. Most of the time as part of a management- & leadership development, sales & KAM- or change program.  Those seven years feel like a celebration!

Sometimes, people ask me how I can still be passionate about this model after so many trainings, workshops and coachings. For me, it goes far beyond teaching a workshop or training a “model”.  In fact, I don’t really feel like a trainer,  I feel more like an inspirer, a messenger of deep wisdom.  Solid, scientifically validated and proven wisdom.   And more than that, the “model” doesn’t really feel like a “model”… it’s a lifestyle, a conscious choice and a way of being.

So, how come that this flame of passion only gets stronger over the years?

Well, I have been priviliged to touch people’s lives in a really deep way.  I am a silent witness of gentle transformation in corporate environments.

  • I have witnessed how people allow their full potential to flourish rather than suppressing parts of their personalities.  Many people do this for many years, because of false beliefs that some parts of themselves are not valued in corporations or other stories we make up. Take a look at this beautiful passion flower. Now, just imagine that this flower would cover parts of itself, her essence, because the flower assumes somebody might not like her essence. Brrrrr… a frightening thought, isn’t it? The reality in corporate environments shows that this is what we humans tend to do a lot…
  • I have witnessed how people say “Yes” to themselves again and become more productive because of that
  • I have witnessed how people become more powerful again, gain energy and how much more aliveness they get
  • I have witnessed how people start leading healthier lives and experience less stress and conflicts in their lives
  • I have witnessed how people lead a more and more authentic life

More than once have I been contacted years later after the trainings, where people wanted to share some personal and professional success stories and how the model has changed their life.

I remember the senior executive – the man, husband and father – who didn’t have contact with his daughter anymore, since a couple of years. He gained insight that the conflict that had happened at the time was because of predictable sabotaging mechanisms simply because of different personality types.  Never ever will I forget the tears of happiness when he told me that because of all the insights gained, he got in touch with his daugther again, now understood how to reach her and really connect with her. They took a new start in their relationship. His story touched me deeply.

  • How much energy do you believe was released here?
  • What impact do you think this had on his relationships at home and at work?

I remember the underperforming international sales team, who discovered how dysfunctional they were because they did not understand each other, because they had made a lot of assumptions about each other, and because they spent most of the time in their sabotaging distress mechanisms.   There was no connection anymore.  No real communication was taking place. Everybody was basically “functioning”.  Even if many of us are often caught in the false belief that there is no other way to “survive in this company”…. Gosh…how many times I hear that sentence!  Nobody, no human being really wants to live or work in a disconnected way.  Because people become aware of the mechanisms that are set in motion and mask our authentic positive being, they are able to recognize it, not take thing so personally and make a change.  The conflicts on the inside were solved with this sales team. One of the feedbacks was “We’ll never be close friends, because we’re too different…but the tension in our relationship has gone.”  This is really what it is about!  We don’t need to be friends with everybody.  Having a healthy connection, being in relationship, being treated as a human being and not as an “object paid to do a job” releases an enormous amount of energy in people.  They reported back increased sales.   The inner conflict within the team was no longer “exported” to the clients.

I could go on with many more stories….but I don’t want to make this first blog any longer than it already has become….  In the flow that I am right now, I feel as if I could write a book 😉

It’s this bouquet of beautiful stories, the continuous testimonials, and that special look in people’s eyes when the model is processing inside… that feed my fire, my passion and keep me going! I feel fulfilled and it makes my life meaningful.

I feel very fortunate to share this passion within our own 5C! team as part of our daily life, our daily interactions and our way of being with each other.  This passion also connects me in a special way with my PCM colleagues and friends around the world.

  • What are you really passionate about?
  • What makes your life meaningful?

Hope you enjoyed reading and I would love to hear about your stories, experiences and passion!


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7 Responses to Passion & Fulfillment

  1. Okokon Udo says:

    Congratulations Nicole for your very first blog post – the first of what I hope becomes a regular contribution to the many voices aimed at supporting the transformation of the world of work. I love the story telling nature of how you brought your messsgae to us as well as the ongoing dialogue you trigger between the head and heart, the left and right brain. Thanks for the passion with which you write this piece and show up in the world. I believe you should seriously consider writing the book. All the best to you my dear friend.
    – Okokon

  2. Congratulations, Nicole, for taking this great step in visibility! I am sure you will enjoy blogging as a creative expression, and many people will gain valuable insights from your wisdom, heart and experience.

    I am most honoured that you cite me as part of your inspiration. Thank you. 🙂

    Warm wishes,
    Lynn Serafinn
    Transformation Coach, Author, Book Promotions

  3. Jean-Pierre Crusy- Musy says:

    Sorry, but it went to a wrong place. So once again:

    I think there is a bunch of bullshit you wrote here:(

    The real life, especially within companies, departments and teams is a bit different you scecthed. I could well be that your idea could function in private spheres, but in professional business there are other priorities, interests than to be honest, straightforward in communication.

    The clue is how can I disguise my real intensions, and communicate in a way to appear as if me and my intentions would be honest….

    This is it all about, nothing else. Business life is like war:-(

  4. Jean-Pierre Crusy- Musy says:

    well, the the reality is a bit different than theory:-)

    • Jacek Skrzypczyński says:

      Dear Jean Pierre,

      Yes, unfortunately you are right. Buisness is mostly like that. And we all suffer.
      Do you want to suffer, suffer and never wake up for something different?

      I am sure you want to live in a better world. So there is a choice for you. You can help with this too.


  5. nateregier says:

    My experience in “real business” at all levels from Fortune 500 to 150 employee manufacturing companies is that the life of business can feel like war, but most people deep down want to find their true purpose and passion. Of course, it’s always more difficult said than done – and it’s easy to accept distress and drama as normative. And, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying to transcend the inefficient, win-lose world of the outdated industrial model. Nicole, thank you for sharing your undying optimism and inspiration. You are a beacon to jaded business persons everywhere! And you are a beacon to me and I’m still hopeful!

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